20 Best Task Manager apps (Apps Killer) for Samsung Smartphone Everytime

Android is a beautiful platform but there are slight problems which in fact annoy an average user on daily basis. Among the greatest drawbacks is the fact that there are lots of applications that remain running in the background without the people's knowledge.

20 Best Task Manager apps (Apps Killer) for Samsung Smartphone Everytime

These background processes eat up all the system tools and hog your Android phone's battery which means that your Android mobile or tablet runs out of battery juice way sooner than it should.

It does not indicate that you should not download applications in your Android phone but you should not ever let any program eat all of your system resources. In order to keep programs from hogging down on your Android device's battery life juice and tools you need to download a Task manager program to kill all the procedures in the background and boost your Android phone's performance as well.

Task managers was a really major thing. Back in the days of FroYo and Gingerbread there were not a great deal of approaches to manage apps and should you opened one, it stayed open to sap what valuable RAM was available on mobiles back then.

Considering that Ice Cream Sandwich as well as the addition of this inventory Android task manager, there's absolutely no reason to use a applications like this anymore. It is true we can likely go without writing one of them at all, however we care for everyone rocking Android.

The less than 2 % running a variant of Android that really needed these. Here would be the best job manager applications for Android!

20 Best App Killer For Samsung

This is best 20 applications you need to provide the best results for your smartphone:

  1. ES Task Manager, If you are already using the ES File Explorer applications on your Android phone then you understand how good these programmers really are. That is the reason why the ES Task Manager is one of the best task manager apps available for Android right now. This application is totally free of charge and provides all of the characteristics that you would want at a task manager. This task killing application will permit you to identify all of the applications which are running in the background, hogging on your system resources and then kill them using only a single tap. It is also possible to uninstall unwanted applications directly from in the ES Task Manager program to save space in your mobile's memorycard. If you don't need to kill certain apps then you can add them to the whitelist so that the app does not kill these programs automatically.
  2. Greenify, One of the best Android utility and task manager application. Greenify lets you manage all of your applications using a distinctive new way. You do not have to kill all of the applications which are consuming your system's tools rather Greenify enables you to hibernate such misbehaving applications with a single tap. Hibernated applications do not run in the background thus saving your precious battery lifetime along with your phone runs smoothly as well. However, whenever you want to utilize the hibernated application, all you have to do is open it and the applications will be usual but whenever you close the apps, it goes straight back to hibernation. Greenify saves you a large chunk of your device's battery life and also boosts the performance speed as well.
  3. GO Cleaner & Task Manager, GO Launcher is among the very popular launchers for the Android and the very same developers have also published the full-fledged task manager comfortably named as GO Cleaner & Task Manager. If you are looking for a slick user interface then you will come across this program very appropriate. This task manager not only helps you kill desktop apps instead it gives you a plethora of new features as well like eliminating cache, removing undesirable folders left by uninstalled applications, clearing your browsing history and data, and fostering your phone's performance. These features and a full functional task manager for free. Definitely among the best task manager apps for Android.
  4. Super Task Killer, Should youn't need your task manager app to consume up a lot of storage space on your own Android phone then you need to download Super Task Killer. Being the lightest app does not mean that it compromises on features. It provides almost the same feature as other leading task managers on the market. This application can kill different background process and really boost your Android phone's rate by around 50%. You may even specify certain occasions and this application will automatically kill various system on set times specified by you.
  5. Smart Task Manager, If you need all of the premium task management features without paying one dime to your applications then you better get into the Smart Task Manager since it is among the very feature rich job supervisor using a zero price tag. You receive a real-time process list in the program that shows you precisely how much CPU and memory is being used used by various apps in real time. You may then kill programs which aren't useful and maintain applications which are important. It is possible to backup all your applications and then restore them anytime directly from the app. This is unquestionably among the best characteristics in Smart Task Manager. 
  6. Clean Master, If having a whole lot of features is necessary for a task manager applications then Clean Master definitely blows Smart Task Manager from the water. This application includes a significant number of characteristics which you won't have the ability to find in any other task manager applications in market. Clean Master delivers a basic task killing and mobile optimization functionality but on top of that you also get an application lock features that lets you lock all your personal applications with a password, an antivirus features to maintain your Android device safe and secure from rogue applications, replicate photo remover to find and remove all of the duplicate photos in your own android smartphone's memory card, and a game booster feature that boosts game performance by around 30%. These features packed in this single task manager app and it still costs you nothing in any way.
  7. SystemPanelLite Task Manager, If you're a winner or a big fan of sci-fi films then you will fall in love with this amazing task manager application. The best thing about the SystemPanelLite Task Manager is its UI which resembles something out of a sci-fi movie. With in depth data, graphs, and information regarding your device's resources SystemPanelLite Task Manager looks like a fantastic tool for every power user on Android. This task manager not only helps you identify and kill resource eating applications but also provides detailed data about your Android system. This application monitors your system and notifies you if something looks out of place. The paid version ($2.99) of the application also provides app installed/uninstaller feature and battery screen to guarantee maximum battery life on your android phone.
  8. Watchdog Task Manager, Watchdog Task Manager is not entirely a Task killer instead it offers a full monitoring system for your Android smartphone, tablet or pc. This application will not just kill all of your programs and processes with one tap instead it will continue to keep a close eye on all the apps and processes operating in the background. As soon as any one of this app goes out of control and begin running down all of your system resources, Watchdog instantly comes into actions and informs you of the resource hogging application. You may then easily kill the program with only 1 tap and maintain your resources safe.
  9. Zapper Task Killer & Manage, The same as the title indicates Zapper Task Killer & manager really zaps all of the tasks and procedures that are causing lag on your Android device. Should you ever suspect a specific application that is causing slow downs on your Android phone and drinking your battery juice such as Gatorade then Zapper will come into actions and zap that particular application. The user interface is top notch and you will see percentage rings to your memory usage and CPU use in the application. It's possible to kill certain apps by clicking on them and zapping them, or you could choose to select a zapping spree and kill all the applications with only 1 tap. Real time charts reveal all your smartphone's resources which are being used by different applications and procedures.
  10. Advanced Task Killer, Back in the time when task managers and task killers were really a requirement for its Android phone, Advanced Task Killer was the number one activity killing apps and a featured apps around the Google Play store. It still keeps its superiority in terms of functionality. You are able to kill applications directly from the app or turn on auto-killing feature to automate the whole process. The developers suggest that you kill each application manually to ensure that significant system processes are not killed during the auto kill process. You might also put apps in the ignore list so that these applications are never killed.
  11. Advanced Task Manager, Advanced Task Manager is just another one of the very popular task management applications. It has kind of evolved into a smartphone booster. That's maybe not the best news because booster applications don't work well. Nonetheless, this is a task manager is effective on Nougat. That's fairly infrequent. You may use it to kill apps and games, clear out RAM, along with a few other things. It's an ignore list for all those applications you do not want shut. We would not recommend you do that, though. It is still good for older devices as well.
  12. SystemPanel 2, SystemPanel 2 is one of the only task management applications that is still worth using. Instead of boasting some magic one-click solution, it just shows you a lot of advice. It'll show you how long applications have fun on any specific moment. It'll also show active applications, program CPU usage, and much more. It can also backup some info. There are root attributes also, including disabling aplication services and more. It ought to work very well up through Android Nougat at least. It's possible to get the app for free or get the paid version within an in-app buy.
  13. SmartWho Task Manager, It's another applications that can be set up from the Play Store for free and works well with all versions of Android. Serving as a helpful software management, this application also offers the benefits of backup storage and also may demonstrate the CPU & RAM's utilization data for easy tracking functions.
  14. ICS Task Manager, This application works well with rooted phones and kills all background running applications which may slow down the processing speed of your phone. There is nothing more than this application aside from its screenshot feature; this causes this task manager enjoy a high rank from the list of hot activity managers for Android phones.
  15. Tasks, This application is an icing on a cake for Google lovers as it provides the entire Google tasks encounter to your smartphone device. It also helps in restraining your Android phone for optimal functionality.
  16. ToDoList Task Manager Pro, If you're looking for a user friendly task management tool or application for your Android phone then you need to attempt Todo listing Task Manager Pro. This application allows you to monitor and organize your to-do tasks easily. There are lots of apps out there but this application stands out since it's customizable, laymen friendly and so on. Some of its special features are a customizable to do list, calendar month perspective, capability to snooze alert and a Microphone button to get language to text input (This feature is optional).
  17. GTask: To-do-list & Task List, Gtask is just another task management application that has been trusted by over a thousand Android users globally. In addition, it can be synced to Google Task and you'll be able to produce your to-do-list from the aplication itself. Alongside additional intriguing attributes, you can place reminders and also share tasks with buddies on social networking.
  18. Simple Task Killer, As its title suggest, it's a very only layout program which a newbie can also use effortlessly. This application helps in killing all of the unwanted tasks or applications that are running in the background. It helps in uninstalling the applications completely, without saving some of its own file in your smartphone.
  19. KillApps: Close all apps running, KillApps lets you close all running application at once using one key and prevents software from automatically restarting. KillApps is a really strong task killer that kills processes and tasks and prevents them from restarting automatically. KillApps lets you accelerate your phone once it runs slowly due to the many applications running.
  20. RAM Cleanup, Strong cleansing of memory. Just one tapstart. Special knowledge and configurations are NOT required! Your smartphone will more easily run with RAM Cleanup. Clean up (free up) the memory (RAM) to speed up (boost) your device with saving more battery and cooling down CPU. Just beginning the application makes it easy to totally optimize your phone. You do not need any special wisdom for optimization of the android system and functionality. You can remove the cartoon if you'd like. Total memory reduction helps much quicker performance with saving battery for gambling, surfing and OS itself.
If we missed any of the best task manager apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You could also click here to have a look at the latest Android program and game lists!

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